The Company

Grupo Eurogermano S.A. de C.V. was founded in 2010 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico from German bike enthusiasts.

At this time from Europe nearly no brands have been available to the Mexican market for cycling and triathlon even Europe but especially Germany is the largest market worldwide.

The European origin of products from Europe – mainly Germany, Italy and Austria still is the same with one exception from Japan. Without any doubts American and Asian manufacturers are producing far higher quantities but the history of cycling and it’s culture will remain in Europe. As small European companies and their quantities are they are driven by innovation and precision combined with  passion and emotions for your sport!

In 2012 Grupo Eurogermano S.A. de C.V. founded a company in Germany in order to optimize deliveries to Mexico and other South American countries. Today all products are delivered to the German warehouse and are prepared for export. Due to sometimes difficult customs processes a warehouse management system was established to ship with documents in German and Spanish language and in order to follow specific customs regulations. But the German company from Grupo Eurogermano has a lot more advantages because all news are available immediately, communication with suppliers is easier in the same time zone with no language barriers etc.

The product range from Grupo Eurogermano S.A. de C.V. has changed slightly within the time. At the beginning bikes and parts in all price ranges have been sold in a strong competition to American and Asian producers.  But very fast the sales results showed which products the consumers are looking for beside mass production bikes and parts. Experienced cyclists and Pro’s know exactly what they need and want to have. Others strictly want to have the best of the best. No one of these cyclists is satisfied to buy a bike as it is offered and also in Mexico and other South American countries a “bike fit” becomes more popular year by year which requires almost tailor configured unique bikes.

Today the range from Grupo Eurogermano S.A. de C.V. strictly follows the market demand in the middle to high end range of bikes and parts. Not in any case a high priced bike is expensive! If the cyclist needs to exchange 50% of the parts like wheels, bar, stem, saddle etc. before the bike looks like he wants he has lost already a lot of money in selling the standard parts almost for a low price on the secondary market. Grupo Eurogermano and its dealers configure the bike as the client wants – not as the producer offers it for his worldwide activities.

Bikes and parts from Grupo Eurogermano do not have hidden secrets! What does this mean? All parts being used for a bike are strictly high quality parts from the best and leading producers worldwide. If a bike comes with a Campagnolo group all parts are from Campa. The wheels being used are not from a sub brand from the producer, they are high quality wheels from Campagnolo, 3T or another well-known brand.

Every client is welcome! Our dealers and the staff from Grupo Eurogermano will provide the best advice with the experience from the largest and oldest bike market in the world but of course considering the investment possibilities.